Saturday, April 2, 2016

Symphony of Life

mnnm mnnm
mnnm mnnm
mnnm mnnm
Like clockwork.
Bold and prominent,
fast and steady.
The occasional
chimes in,
below the bellowing clockwork.
This symphony of noises is anything but a nuisance in my eyes.
These noises very well be coming from inside me.
These noises are the very essence of my physical existence.
These noises keep my heart beating.
These noises keep me alive.

When your body can’t sustain your life,
Because your insides are
And they don’t know how to keep you alive,
You need intervention to survive.
So my pumps do what my body can't.
Well they can do some of what my body can't.

My pumps can't
Keep my ribs from sliding out of place.
Keep my temperature regulated.
Keep my arms from twitching.
Keep my legs from going limp.
They can't do a lot of things.
Actually, they can't do most things.

But they can
Keep the blood from draining from my head.
Keep my weight at a healthy level.
Keep my blood pressure from dropping.
Keep my heart rate from skyrocketing.
Keep me able to stand without seeing black.
Keep me alive with breath in my lungs and blood coursing through my veins.
They can’t do everything.
But they do important things.

My pumps do more than maintain my physical life.
Allow me to dream.
Allow me to learn.
Allow me to serve.
Allow me to voice my opinion.
Allow me to stand up for what I believe in.
They give me the opportunity to

The noises in my bag are the noises of my life.
A life sustained on batteries and extension cords.
A life I don't take for granted.
It's a weird life,
I suppose.
But it's mine.
And It's pretty great life.
A spectacular one at that.

mnnm mnnm
mnnm mnnm
mnnm mnnm
mnnm mnnm
mnnm mnnm
mnnm mnnm