Feeding Tubes

Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation

Babies, teenagers, parents, grandparents, anybody may need a feeding tube. All for a variety of reasons and are used a variety of ways. Some tubies, will need their tubes forever while others can get them taken out. Some tubies, can only eat through tube and others can eat by mouth and by tube.

Types of Tubes

NG Tubes- A nasogastric tube is small and rubbery and goes down your nose and into your stomach. You can receive formula, water, and medications by a continuous pump infusion or by bolus. 

NJ Tubes- A nasojejunal tube is like and NG tube but goes down your nose and past your stomach into your jejunum, the first part of your small intestine. You can receive certain medications, water, or formula by a feeding pump.

G Tubes- A Gastrostomy tube has the function as an NG tube but is more convenient and long term. It goes directly into the stomach either by a small button like tube that is up against the skin of the abdomen or a long rubbery tube that comes out of the abdomen.

J Tubes- A Jejunemostomy tube has the same function as an NJ tube and is similar to a G tube. It goes straight into the jejunem by a small tube in the abdomen.

GJ Tubes- A Gastro-Jejunemostomy tube is a combined G and J tube. The tube goes straight into the stomach through the abdomen and splits inside the stomach into two tubes. One rests in the stomach and the other goes through the pylorus and into the jejunem.

Central Lines- A central line (often referred to as a broviac, hickman, or PICC line) goes into the vein next to your heart by way of the upper arm or chest to give the patient high concentrated medication, saline, or TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition or IV nutrition). They are covered by a large sterile dressing to keep the line clean and prevent infection.

Tubies with NG, NJ, G, J and GJ tubes and Central Lines can go to school, play with friends, and do anything their illness allows them to. Most tubies can swim in a pool or hot tub but tubies with Central Lines need to cover their dressings. Tubies are superheroes and can do anything any other person can do!