"The day you truly start living is the day you realize that your life looks nothing like you planned, and that's okay."

Life is a lot of things, and has a lot of parts. Most of those things don't work out like we thought they would. But most of life is how you handle the things that don't go as planned. And that's the basis of most of what I write about.

I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which essentially means my parents passed me some lovely genes that made the collagen, aka glue, in my body not form properly. My body is like a house constructed out of Elmer's glue and Popsicle sticks, so you can imagine the internal chaos that ensues. Kept alive through tubes and bags I tote around in a backpack, sometimes I walk, sometimes I roll, and sometimes I don't make it out of the house, but according to my track record so far, I always make it to the next day.

And sometimes I take selfies in the hospital

I enjoy musical theater, sarcasm, taking selfies in odd places, ice cream, petting dogs, and long drives to the hospital.

I really enjoy ice cream

I also love to educate and advocate for rare diseases, chronic illnesses, disability inclusion, feminism, and being an overall awesome person.
Oh, and I like to write.